Elinchrom Rotalux unboxing

POSTED BY   Martin Halmo
21 februára, 2017

Elinchrom Rotalux 35×90 unboxing w/ hood – how to set-up

So here is my first review/unboxing video … I am also preparing full test review of these strip/softboxes as I am using rotalux softboxes for quite some time and love them.  So stay tuned there will be also comparing to cheap ones as well.

2019 update : Newly Elinchrom changed their packaging of Rotalux softboxes. From now on all basic Rotalux softboxes are cheaper, but there is no speedring or deflector. I appreciate this move because now on every system can adopt to rotalux, just buy desired speedring separate (there are all possibilities from bowens to profoto).

Whats in the box :
– softbox
– metal rods
– inner and outer diffusion
– pouch

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  1. Nicholas Catic

    Hei Martin.
    I was just wondering if the Rotalux 35×90 is good to use as separation light behind the subject when I want to shoot
    portraits with black background?
    Or do you suggest to use something else?

    Yours sincerely,
    Nicholas Catic

    1. Martin Halmo

      Definitely, one of the reasons I bought it. I would also recomend that mask if you have smaller studio.

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