Venice Italy on film

Venice kodak Ektar 100 Vista400 analog film photography

At the end of this winter I travelled to Venice for a weekend and here is my little photo story from the trip.
I had just one day to stay in, so these are just some photos from walking among the streets of Venice. I decided to take with me only a couple film rolls and two my beloved film cameras Nikon F100 and FE2. It was my first visit to Venice and it’s exactly the style I love. I like to photograph interesting views and also life and Venice is made of these. Old architecture of different styles. Buildings with that interesting patina, lots of small bridges over the canals. Some places are just too crowded by tourists, which I am not a big fan of but you can find a lots of domestic empty streets in there as well.

I took my favorite film Kodak Ektar 100 which is my best all around film suitable for landscapes as well as portraits.

san Marco square kodak ektar 100 nikon F100 Zeiss 18mm distagon 3,5San Marco square in Venice, picture taken with Nikon F100, Zeiss Distagon 18mm F3.5, film Kodak Ektar 100

Venice Port Italy Kodak ektar 100 nikon F100 zeiss 18mm Gondola port in Venice,picture taken with Nikon F100, Zeiss Distagon 18mm F3.5, film Kodak Ektar 100

Rialto bridge venice italy kodak ektar 100 nikon F100 zeiss distagon 18mmRialto Bridge above the Grand Canal in Venice

San Marco Basilica nikon F100 kodak ektarSan Marco Basilica from inside, I had to be cautious because taking pictures was prohibited – Ektar 100

kodak ektar 100 san marco venice italy photographyBasilica di San Marco view, Palazzo Ducale on the left – Kodak Ektar 100, Nikon F100, Zeiss 18mm F3,5

pigeons old grandma feeding pigeons kodak ektar film photographyPigeons probably know this old woman. They were following her to this small square where she feed them.

As a companion to Kodak Ektar I took Portra 160, which I wasn’t quite sure to use it for street photography, but I was surprised how versatile it is. I loaded my nikon FE2 with it and used it for general street photography and some portraits.  For this purpose I had my 50mm & 35mm combo from Nikon D family.

Venice tourists nikon FE2 kodak portra160 travellingCrowded streets with tourists near Palazzo Ducale and San Zaccaria port – Kodak Portra 160, Nikon FE2

Venice full of small streets, old building and interesting architecture – Kodak Portra 160, Nikon FE2

Gondola ride Venice kodak Portra 160 nikon FE2Very comon view in Venice – Gondola ride, Kodak Portra 160, Nikon FE2, Nikon ais 135mm F2.8

workshop venice italy kodak portra160You can experience also some open workshops in Venice – Kodak Portra 160, Nikon FE2

For a few shots I used expired agfa vista 100 (just tried it how it will look) and as it is more then 10 years expired I used it as Iso 25-50. I also packed Vista 400 for some late afternoon shots and night.

pigeon agfa vista100 expiredAgfa vista 100 expired,  Nikon FE2, Nikon AF 50mm 1.4D

life in Venice agfa vista 400 nikon FE2Late afternoon life in Venice – probably most famous drink Spritz – Agfa Vista 400, Nikon FE2

street band venice agfa vista 400 nikon FE2Street Band – Nikon FE2, Agfa vista 400

night streets of venice nikon FE2 agfa vista 400Late afternoon streets in Venice – Nikon FE2 with Agfa Vista 400

carnival masks venice street sales nikon agfa vista400Street sales of carnival masks and souvenirs – Nikon FE2, Agfa vista 400

Venice is very interesting place and one day is just not enought to explore it and see everything that offer you. I can tell you I will return there as I realy enjoyed it and want to see more of it. Maybe do some interesting sunset/sunrise photos as well. Hope you enjoyed my article and maybe share it among your friends.

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